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 Mystic Tails

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Chapter not done

Chapter 1

In a land far, far away lies the kingdom of Fiore. A small peaceful nation of seventeen million. And a place filled with magic. Found in every home, brought and sold in every market place for most, magic is merely a tool, being a part of every day life. For some however, magic is an art and they've devoted their lives to its practice. These are the wizards. Banded together into magical guilds they've planted their skills in search of fame and fortune. Many such guilds dot the landscape of Fiore. But there is a certain town and a certain guild that soars high above the rest. One from which countless legends have been born. A guild that will no doubt continue to create legends on into the future. Its name... is Fairy Tail.

“Get out! Get out of here!” Kurai's mother cried out to her. Well, she wasn't the girl's real mother but she didn't know that. The mansion was under attack, and Kurai didn't know what to do. The girl was 18 years of age and had orange hair going a few inches passed her shoulders. She wore a green headband on her head with some hair over lapping it, on top of her ears that seemed to be a bit shorter than her other hair which also over lapped the headband a bit. And she had spiky bangs.

Her eyes are clear ice blue and she has pale creamy skin. She wore a blue tank top with sky see through cloth sleeves that hang off her arms and she was wearing a short short black colored skirt and brown colored sandals-boots. Basically her shoes looked like sandals but had the part going up her legs a bit like boots. She stood at 5'6” and weighed 115 pounds. She had an hourglass shaped body and wore a C cup in bra size. The woman had pretty huge breasts. They weren't giant but were pretty big.

The family itself was pretty rich. It was one of the most richest families in all of Fiore. Which is probably why they were targeted a lot. It was for their money. Unknown to mother or daughter it actually wasn't the money at all they were after but Kurai herself. For some type of magical power she had that the enemy wanted.

“But... mom...” Kurai cried. She had tears in her eyes. She looked down to her father's body laying there in a pool of blood. He was already dead.

“Go!” Her mother yelled, trying to hold the enemy off with her magic. “Through the secret hatch. Do you want your father to have lost his life for nothing?! He died for you!” There was a secret door in the wall behind her. Her mother was standing in front of her. It was a tiny door used as an emergency escape in case of a fire, or some other emergency.

“Yes mom,” Kurai sobbed. She went over to the wall and pressed a switch on the wall and part of the wall slid open at her feet. It was such a tiny door that she had to get down on her hands and knees, crawling through the doorway. After she got inside the door automatically shut behind her. The opening was small but the passage way itself was actually big enough for her to stand up in. It was very narrow in the passage way and the walls and floor were made of brick like what you've see in a castle. The woman walked passing by torches along the walls.

At one point she jumped in fright as a rat ran by her feet. As she walked on though, she suddenly thought she smelled smoke. And it was coming from where she'd just been a few minutes ago. “No!” She sobbed as she ran, realizing the mansion was on fire and her mother had just been killed. “It can't be! Mom!” She sobbed as she dashed through the dim passage.

The passage led Kurai to a river way out of town. It was an underground passage after all. After crawling out on her hands and knees she turned, looking back at her home town where she'd came from. She saw the smoke from the fire rising into the air. She sank to her knees onto the grass as she cried for her parents she'd lost. Suddenly someone grabbed her, pulling her to her feet. “Sorry, you're coming with me!” The man told her.

“No!” Kurai cried out, more tears flaking her cheeks. The man pulled her along roughly as she cried. Some from fear and some from the fact he was yanking her wrist awfully hard and it was hurting her. But mostly she was crying from fear.

“Hey, that's no way to treat a lady,” called a voice of a man up ahead. He appeared to be mostly naked and had dark spiky short hair. And on his chest was the symbol from the Fairy Tail guild.

“You! You're from Fairy Tail aren't you?” The man asked him.

“Good guess!” He ran up and punched the man in the face, making him release Kurai.
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Mystic Tails
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